At Johanna you can park behind the building for a maximum period of half an hour. This is useful in case you want to drop someone off or simply want to load and unload. NOTE: If you park longer than the allowed duration, there is a chance that you will be secured with a wheel clamp. It will cost € 25,00 to remove it. Do you want to park for longer than half an hour? Then park your car on on of the parking spaces below.

Parking on UU-property

If you prefer to park longer than 30 minutes, you can park on UU-property. During weekdays, paid parking applies. However, if you leave within 30 minutes, parking is free. Otherwise, these first 30 minutes are also paid.

Monday to Friday Weekend and Public Holidays
07:00 – 18:00 First 30 minutes for free. Otherwise € 0,90 per 30 minutes Free
18:00 – 07:00 Free Free

P+R De Uithof

Would you like to explore not only Johanna, but also the rest of Utrecht? It is then wise to park your car at the P+R Uithof. For € 6,- you can park your car for 24 hours and get a travel card that allows you to travel all day long with U-OV to the center of Utrecht. Up to 5 people can make use of the travel card.

Parking + travel card Parking only
€ 6,- € 6,-
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