Wonen in de wolken

The Johanna, also called ‘Johanna in the Clouds’, is a unique and also the newest student complex of the SSH (housing organization) on Utrecht Science Park, the Uithof.

The building was completed in the summer of 2015 and more than 655 students have already made it their home.

The Johanna with its blue-white tiled facade can not to be missed among the other buildings on the Uithof. The building is designed like an amorphous. Read more about the unique design here.

Not only is the Johanna brand new, it is also a practical and cosy building to live in. With facilities such as a shared laundry room, private bicycle storage and roof terrace, it makes this building an above-average student accommodation! The residents are generally students, both national and international. Mixed and solo living, in short a cozy mix!

So what are you waiting for? Come and live in the clouds, come and live in Johanna!

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The facades are finished with tiles made by Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum. With these glazed tiles, a cloud pattern has been designed in which the windows together with the tiles form a diffuse pattern. The fresh façade reacts unexpectedly to light and moisture. Due to the reaction of the glaze with the bark print in the clay behind it, a great variety of coagulated results is created in addition to the main shade.

Underneath the tiled building a wooden ‘mega-furniture’ will accompany you inside. Wood determines the character of the joint functions. Outside sofas, green areas, entrances. Inside walls, ceilings, window frames, benches and a lounge stairs.

The building is traditionally modular, with prefabricated concrete construction and façade elements.

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Looking for a room in Johanna? See the SSH site or contact them via the following links.





For other questions, suggestions or complaints you can mail us (the board of residents). 

Note: The board of residents had no say in anything concerning room rental and will not reply to mails regarding this.


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